How to Clean a Projector Lens

How to Clean a Projector Lens

Do you know How to Clean a Projector Lens?

Because if your display result has a distortion or feels like anything comes out of the projector light, you must have an inside tour of the projector.

There is a possibility that the projector lens is also a victim of dust particles, and it’s time to clean it so you would not have to compromise on the stunning display quality.

But, how to clean a projector lens is still a mystery for many. People scared to go into the deep cleaning think they might end up damaging the projector. But, if you pursue the correct steps, you can do it without assistance.

So, to all the beginners out there, here are some basics to clean a projector lens.

How to Clean a Projector Lens – Steps

  • Please turn off your projector and let it cool down for a few minutes.
  • You can use compressed air to remove the debris from the lens. It is the same one we have used for cleaning the projector screen. Make sure to spray in short intervals to save the lens from any sort of damage.
  • You can get a lens brush from any hardware store. Using the brush will remove tiny dust or debris particles from the lens or camera effortlessly. However, ensure the brush itself is clean.
  • You can also get lens wipes or use a cleaning solution with a microfibre cloth, pushing it gently all over the lens to remove any stubborn particles.
  • The cleaning solution could be a combination of warm water and a little bit of dish soap.
  • Never touch the lens or camera with bare hands or fingers. You may leave fingerprints that cause disturbance in the image quality on the big screen.

How to Clean a Projector Inside Lens

Now, cleaning a projector from the inside is a good idea to ensure its longevity and save it from any long-term damage.

You do not need to clean the projector deep more often, but doing it once a month can make a difference.

You will automatically feel the enhanced image quality, appropriate brightness, and durability of the product.

The process is relatively simple and comprises of few easy steps. You can also make it possible without professional assistance but needs complete focus to not meet with an accident and damage the projector. So, let’s start cleaning the projector inside the lens.

  • It would be best to turn off the projector before opening it. Let it cool down for a few minutes until you treat yourself with gloves and a face mask, especially if you are allergic to the dust.
  • Remember, do not open the projector until the lens cools down because the hot lens has a high chance of breaking, which of course, you do not want to happen.
  • Gently open the projector. Refer to the manual guide for opening it properly.
  • You can use the compressed air and gently spray it on the target. You can move the nozzle through the entire projector because maybe any dust or debris particles betray your native eye.
  • You can also use a microfibre cloth to make sure no particle is left inside the projector.
  • You can also clean the lens using the above cleaning method.
  • Ensure to clean the projector from the outside also because if you leave the dust outside the projector, it may slip all the way to the inside and make a house.
  • And the most important thing is, to clean the fan and cover the lens when not in use.

How do you get scratches out of a projector lens?

You can use any toothpaste, put it on a soft cloth and gently push around the projector lens to remove scratches. If the scratch is stubborn and not removing it this way. Unfortunately, you need to repair it with a new one.

How do I clean the dust out of my projector?

You can simply wipe the projector using a microfibre cloth and remove dust. Besides, using compressed air or warm water are alternative ways to clean the dust out of your projector.

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