July 23, 2024
KODAK Luma 350 Review

KODAK Luma 350 is a modern portable projector with a lot to offer to make your life convenient. Similar to all the other KODAK products, it will bring dramatic vibes to your place when you get to connect it with your smartphones over Wi-Fi or screen mirroring feature. It will also allow you to stream hundreds of apps with its built-in Android 6.0 version.

This portable cinematic 350 projector will be the answer to all your traveling hurdles because it’s super easy to carry and a friendly device to operate.

KODAK Luma Projector

Product Overview

Resolution854 by 480
Brightness 350-Lumen
Connectivity Wireless and wired

Design and Features

  • The projector has a sleek but modern design with a compact size of 12 ounces, easy to put in any backpack.
  • This portable projector comes with feet to set on any surface, so you do not have to worry about extra material to support it.
  • Kodak does not put anything on a projector except its logo and a circle at the back.
  • The circle indicates the source of control, provides a power button, volume control buttons, home and return buttons.
  • It also comes with remote control for easy navigation.
  • It offers USB and HDMI ports, an audio jack, and a wireless internet connection for connectivity.
  • It contains a rechargeable battery that lasts up to two hours at continuous usage.
  • Kodak integrates Android 6.0 into the projector that allows access to multiple apps by default, also will enable you to install your desired ones. 
  • The screen mirroring feature is a game-changer for Kodak on this device. That is the point that stands out this portable projector among rivals. It helps many working pals to do presentations by sharing their phone content on the big screen.
  • The screen mirroring feature makes it super easy to conduct workshops without making much investment for the setup.
  • The projector comes with a start guide for beginners and a limited warranty.

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  • The image quality it delivers is impressive, considering its size and affordability.
  • The projector throws around 150 inches of screen display, which is super great.
  • The plug-and-play operation of the projector saves plenty of time and costs.
  • Miracast screen sharing option works with all iPhone and Android devices, making the content sharing process convenient.
  • The built-in Android 6.0 works amazing, opens doors for a lot of entertainment.
  • The DLP engine works pretty fast.
  • The projector is super bright with its 350 Lumen-rated brightness. However, avoiding ambient light should be at the top of the list.
  • The projector claims a 3500:1 contrast ratio. Since it complements brightness, we consider it breathtaking stats, and our final image will be stunning on the big screen.
  • The light source performance works pretty well, with a lifetime of 30,000 hours.
  • An aspect ratio of 16:9 is not a disappointment with its portable size.
  • It instantly connects with any other digital device with a Wi-Fi connection.
  • It also offers Bluetooth’s latest version for quick connectivity.
  • The built-in speakers work appropriately. However, I recommend not to depend solely on them.

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Bottom Line

This portable and budget-friendly mini projector by KODAK is like a dream come true for all working people. With many options to pair up the projector with your smartphones and other digital devices, it plays a vital part in lowering the vast burden of carrying equipment all along.

Moreover, it will bring home theatre vibes right to your place if you plan a party night. So, getting a KODAK Luma 350 projector will be a win-win investment for you.

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