July 23, 2024

How to Connect Android Phone to Projector Via USB

how to connect android phone to projector via usb

Connecting your projector with any digital device has never been easy. Still, it depends on the type of projector you are using and what connecting options it offers.

The primary reason for connecting the projector to your Android device could be watching your phone data/presentations/Business Analytics on the bigger screens. Since you can use your projector for different reasons, including work purposes and streaming movies or TV Series, as it gives you better output than any large-sized screen TV.

Anyways, our central focus should revolve around connecting the projector to the Android Phone. Remember, different projectors offer different connecting options like some of them have only an HDMI or USB port and allow the wired connection. In contrast, others provide a hub of connectivity ports and even a wireless Bluetooth connection.

Here comes the question about how to connect an Android phone to a projector via USB?

So, connecting both devices is easy as the Android Phone also integrates a USB Type-C port. Similarly, the process includes few easy steps that you need to follow and watch your phone content on a bigger screen.

How to Connect Android Phone to Projector Via USB

Determine your Projector connection capabilities

Examine what type of connectivity your projector supports. You can find the USB port connection on document projectors rather than any other. Well, if you successfully find the port, it will be easy for you to connect your projector to the Android Phone via USB cable. 

However, in case of USB port absence, your projector must have an HDMI cable that will serve almost the same purpose as USB. All the modern projectors have one HDMI port input for easy connection, but you must know how to connect your phone to any mini projector or any other you own.

Similarly, if you are not lucky enough to get a USB or HDMI port, I must say the connecting process may get tricky. Now, you need a VGA input and a couple of adapters. No worries! I will discuss how to connect an Android phone to a projector via VGA for your convenience.

Know about your Android Phone Features

After going through the details of your projector, it’s time to dive into your phone capabilities. You should be aware that your phone model and its features play a vital role in influencing the connections you make.

Many news Android phones, including Samsung, are now supporting USB connection and transferring data via cable. In contrast, you can get an adapter to connect any cable with your respective device to the projector. The adapter makes the connection easy and quick.

Connecting Both devices

After knowing about your projector and phone, get all the correct adapters/cables beforehand. Now, without wasting any more time, hook one end of a USB cable to the projector while the other to your phone. It is as easy as that.

The whole process would hardly take few minutes, and you are ready to stream your phone content on your projector screen.

How to connect iPhone to Projector Via USB

After learning how to connect an Android phone to a projector via USB, it’s time to learn the same process for iPhone devices.

iPhone users might worry about how to connect iPhone to projector via USB because there is no port available other than the charging one in iPhones. There is a little struggle required for wired connection when it comes to iPhones.

However, get a VGA adapter, plug it into the charging port, and then connect VGA or HDMI cable to that adapter. Now, use the other end of your respective cable and connect it to the projector. It should work in few minutes.

Wireless connection

As the best alternative, you can opt for a wireless connection which is more reliable and effective than wired connections. Also, the world is going digital, and people are eliminating wire mess from their life, performing actions from a single click of their devices. The wireless connections include Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, and connecting via Chromecast. All of the ways are easy and quick but require attention.

But the question remains the same, how to connect the phone to the projector wirelessly? Is the process complex or easy like the wired one? Well, you can find the answer to your question below:

How to connect Phone to Projector via Bluetooth

We know that many modern projectors allow connecting a Phone to a projector via Bluetooth. The process is pretty simple, requires few easy steps.

  • First, turn on your projector.
  • Ensure to enable the pairing mode of speakers.
  •  Push the jog lever until you get the projector menu.
  • Find Bluetooth connection in the menu, and press it.
  • Choose your respective device in the device list.
  • Press the Connect button, and your phone is ready to pair with your projector.


Can I connect a phone to the projector with USB?

Yes, you can. Find the USB port and connect your phone via cable. Or, you can use the adapter if your phone does not support a USB connection.

How do I connect my Android phone to a projector?

There are different ways to connect the phone to the projector; wired or wireless. You can use a USB Type-C port, HDMI, VGA, and MHL link to connect. Also, a Bluetooth connection is available in most projectors.

How do I connect a USB to a projector?

You can directly connect a USB cable with your phone and projector if your phone has a mini-USB port available. However, you can use an adapter or pair it with the help of an HDMI.

How to connect my phone to my projector without HDMI?

You can opt for a wireless connection. But, if your projector does not support wireless pairing, get an adapter and plug it into the HDMI port input. It will help you connect with your respective phone.

How do I mirror my phone to a projector?

If you are using any latest phone, it must have a mirror option to make watching the phone content on a projector screen easy. First, get the remote and choose the input button; it will take you to the menu option. Here, select the screen mirror button. Be careful because different phone models/brands use different terminology for this option, including SmartShare, Display mirroring, Smart view, etc. You need to select this option and enjoy watching the content.


Now, connecting your phone to the projector becomes easy as you know about so many quick ways to do it. Making friends with your phone and projector can enhance your productivity and save you the cost of getting a big-size latest TV.  So, explore how to make the most out of your projector and enjoy every bit of it.

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