How to Connect Mini LED Projector to iPhone

How to Connect Mini LED Projector to iPhone

If you plan a vacation with family or friends in a certain place and want to enjoy a movie, and unfortunately, that place is devoid of television. No worries! There is no need to cancel your movie plan as you can fetch a portable device known as a mini-LED projector.

These projectors, irrespective of whether they are mini or big offers a whole cinematic experience so that you can watch movies, video, or images on the large screen with your family and friends.

The best thing about these pocket projectors is that you can carry them anywhere and utilize them for multiple purposes, such as presentations, movies, stargazing, and teaching purposes.

Therefore, if you want to buy a mini-led projector that is the best for your iPhone or a smartphone, you should first scrutinize its features. Different mobile phones have different settings for enabling their connections with mini-led projectors.

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The mini led projector is also known as a mobile projector, and as the name indicates, you can now connect your cellular phones to the mini led projector with ease. This feature saves you time by eliminating the need to carry a laptop with you when using a projector. Instead, you can use the mini-led projector by simply connecting it to your smartphone or iPhone.

Several brands are offering remarkable features in mini-LED projectors and are competing to make the best mini-LED projectors for iPhone.

Therefore, if you have an iPhone but are unaware of how to connect a mini led projector to your iPhone, then no need to get worried. We will guide you in some easiest steps by which you can connect a mini projector to your phone.

  1. First, you must take a suitable adapter for your iPhone (usually a digital VGA or AV adapter) and plug it on the charging port present at the bottom of your iPhone or any other IOS device.
  2. Then connect a VGA or HDMI cable to the adapter.
  3. Connect the other cable to your mini led projector.
  4. Turn on your mini-led projector.
  5. Now your iPhone screen should appear on your mini projector.
  6. If your iPhone screen does not appear after waiting for few seconds, then you should change some settings on your mini led projector.


Apple devices are considered best for watching movies, TV shows, and SlideShare as well. Connecting your iPad to a mini led projector makes it easier for everyone to watch videos on a large screen without crowding on your iPad.

But if you want your iPad to connect with a mini-led projector wirelessly, you must screen mirror your IOS to the projector. For that take, a compatible mini led projector is required.

And, for a wireless connection, you need a built-in wireless mirroring feature in your mini projector. For connecting your iPad to a mini led projector, you can employ the following steps:

  1. Enable the screen mirroring function on your mini-led projector.
  2. On your iPad, go to settingsà WIFIà and select your mirroring device.
  3. Enter your password and join in.
  4. After then, pull the navigation bar present on the bottom and select the AirPlay option.
  5. Then select your mirroring device.
  6. Then check the mirroring. It will connect to your iPad.


The RCA is a cable input that makes the device portable with a variety of traditional entertainment devices. The portable multimedia projectors best fit for watching movies, videos, football, and different playing games.

The projectors with RCA input let you stream your favorite content or use the projector screen for business purposes if you are short of any other connectivity source. Also, RCA cables almost work similarly to HDMI in terms of performance.

Furthermore, this excellent RCA projector may be the best projector for the iPhone, but you may need an adapter or the projector to connect both devices without causing clutter. Primarily, Bluetooth projectors are used for audio streaming.

However, there are specific projectors that have enabled the utilization of Bluetooth of iPhone for their connectivity. The following steps can help for bringing about a Bluetooth connection of your iPhone to the RCA projector:

  1. First, make sure your iPhone is in pairing mode.
  2. In the menu of the projector, select the Bluetooth function.
  3. When the Bluetooth is on, it is switched to pairing mode.
  4. Then select the device list.
  5. Select your iPhone for pairing from the paired device or available devices option.


People use USB for connecting many devices to laptops, smartphones, or any other IOS device. For enabling the connection of your iPhone to a projector via USB, it entirely depends on what type of connectivity is offered by your projector.

Most of the projector contains an HDMI port, while there are many others with outputs ranging from VGA to USB to onboard Bluetooth. However, if you only have a USB for connecting your iPhone to a projector, then you can follow the following steps, which would surely help you:

  1. Turn on the projector.
  2. Press the source button that will open the selection menu.
  3. Keep on clicking the source button until the multiscreen option is selected.
  4. Press OK to confirm.
  5. On the multiscreen page, a highlighted selection “PLUG AND PLAY” is shown. If not, then press the OK button on the controller to select it.
  6. Then with a USB cable, connect your iPhone to the projector.
  7. The iPhone will pop up confirmation for the security of the connection. Confirm it and wait for a few seconds.
  8. Then your iPhone gets to your projector.


How do I connect my iPhone to my mini projector?

  • Plug in a VGA or AV adapter in the charging port of your iPhone.
  • Connect the cable to the adapter (VGA or HDMI cable).
  • Then connect the other end of the cable to your mini projector.
  • Turn on your mini projector.

How do I mirror my iPhone to my mini projector?

  • Enable the screen mirroring function on your mini led projector
  • Go to settings–>WIFI–> and select your mini projector.
  • Enter your password and join in.
  • Select the AirPlay option in the navigation bar.
  • Then choose your mini projector.

How do I connect my iPhone to a mini projector with a USB?

  • On your mini projector, open the selection menu and select the multiple screen option.
  • Then choose the option plug and play.
  • Take a USB cable and connect your min projector to our iPhone.
  • Confirm the connection security and after few seconds.
  • After few seconds, your iPhone will connect.

Can you connect your phone to an LED projector?

Usually, most LED projectors still use the HDMI port, but you can connect your phone to the LED projectors by using a simple adapter. By making some setting changes, you can connect your phone quickly to a LED projector.

How do I connect my iPhone to a projector wirelessly?

Using the screen mirroring feature in your projector, you can easily connect your iPhone to the projector. The steps are as follows:

  • Enable the screen mirroring function on your projector.
  • Go to settings–>WIFI–> and select your projector.
  • Enter your password and join in.
  • Select the AirPlay option in the navigation bar.
  • Then choose your mini projector.

Bottom Line

Mini LED projector connection becomes easy peezy with iPhone. There are different ways you can pair up both devices and enjoy streaming your favorite content despite the place and your situation.

I hope this article helps you learn to connect both devices. Still, if you have something in mind, drop it down in the comments.

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