How to Project Image on Wall From Phone

How to Project Image on Wall From Phone

Projectors are pretty cool.

And, projecting images on a wall does not require much effort.

Generally, the projectors are compact, user-friendly, and flexible. They allow us to create our personal cinema either in our living room or in the backyard of our house.

But, not having a projector does not mean you can not get to enjoy the cinematic experience at your place unless you have a phone with a flashlight.

Yes, you can project the image on the wall from a phone and transform your phone into a mini-projector.

Let’s dive into the details of how to project an image on the wall from a phone.

Key Requirements

First, we should point out the tools we might need in the process. So, you should get them beforehand and proceed with the process smoothly.

  • Smartphone
  • A shoebox
  • Scissor
  • Mirror
  • Pencil and ruler
  • Glue, double tape, and brush
  • Black paint
  • Black papers
  • Magnifying lens

Projecting Image from Phone

It is a pretty easy process but requires your attention. So, grab a snack and learn this new technique with me

1. Get the large image

Grab a shoebox or something similar to that and put magnifying glass and a mirror in it. It will help in projecting the large size image on the wall.

Ensure the mirror is similar in size to your phone in a rectangular shape, and it should be plain. In addition, if you want a bright image, make sure more light reaches the magnifying glass.

You would need another box having a size similar to your phone screen to make a reasonable adjustment between the projecting lens and your phone.

2. Black interior results in better image

It would be best to make the box’s interior black because the light reflection may lead to image noise, which can be distracting.

You can paint the box with a matter black color or use thick black paper.

3. Install the Lens

Use your knife or scissor and make a precise opening at the box, so the magnifying glass fits into it.

You can have a precise cut by tracing its outline on the box.

4. Design a manual focus

Once the magnifying glass fits into the opening, we need to design an adjustable focus by creating a lens that should move with the phone.

You can build another box that should fit into the outer box and improve the focus. I recommend you put the thick black paper folds into the box’s edge for better results.

The measurement should be accurate, so I suggest using a ruler and making shallow cuts at one edge. It will help you fold the flaps precisely. You can also utilize glue to confer the neighboring sides to make the structure more rigid and compelling.

5. Put Mirror into the Box

At this point, we have set up the system to project an image from different sides. But, we have to fix the latter now.

All you have to do is deactivate the rotation function of your phone and place your phone upside down.

Furthermore, you can use a mirror to correct the left and right image projection. Place the mirror at a 45-degree at the edge that is right opposite the magnifying lens.

6. Make a Window

We are almost ready to use our mini projector.

Make your phone screen measurement and draw rectangular traces on the projector lid right above the mirror. Make the precise cut and remove the rectangle.

Now, use the cut you made in step three and fit the magnifying glass.

Your phone projector is ready to use.

Turn on your phone, adjust the ambiance, and enjoy.

Final Words

The projector is undoubtedly the best thing that happened to us. If you are a frequent user, you must invest in the best projector available in the market.

However, if you want to experience once in a blue moon, you can turn your phone into the projector and have a movie night with your family.

Making the phone projector is exciting, and watching your favorite digital content will be more thrilling.

How can I project a picture from my phone to the wall?

  • Get a shoebox and magnifying glass.
  • Remove the handle from the glass and make a precise hole at the end of the box.
  • Fit the magnifying glass into the hole.
  • Paint the interior of the box with matte black color. You can also use black paper or tape to make the interior black.
  • Put your smartphone at the end of the box and project the image.

How do I project my mobile screen on the wall without a projector app?

You can do it by building a whole setup for the phone projector. Refer to the article for the entire process.

Is there an app to project pictures on the wall?

ArtSee is a free iOS app that allows you to adjust the size of pictures on the wall. It also lets you capture and insert your art pictures and help you scale the wall according to the picture’s dimensions.

Can a phone be used as a projector?

Yes, transforming your phone into a projector is an exciting and thoughtful process. Refer to the article and learn how you can do it.

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