How to Roll Up Projector Screen

How to Roll Up Projector Screen

Moving large-sized TVs can be a nightmare!!!

Projectors are the best alternative to Televisions as we can set up the large screen wherever we want and roll up the screen when not in use.

Projectors are pretty much in demand due to their versatility and rich connectivity options. Businesses, educational institutes, workshops are moving to projector screens from TVs/Monitors because they can cater for a large audience with a giant projection size and quickly grabs the attention.

However, we are not suggesting purchasing many projectors screen—a separate one for the cinema room, entirely different for outdoor use.

Also, if you can not afford to give a dedicated place to your projector, you can purchase the screen in your living room for the usual movie nights and roll it up in the mornings.

This way, you would never have to compromise on your home décor, neither have to make special adjustments for the projection. It is the simplest and inexpensive way to use your projector.

But, before going any further, you must know what type of projector screen you are using and how you can operate it. Every projector comes with unique specifications and instructions, so giving it a look must be a good idea.

Types of Projector Screens

  • Manual screens: You can mount these types of screens to walls or ceilings, and you can easily pull them.
  • Tripod screens: They are also easy to pull, but they require a tripod stand for support.
  • Electric screens: These screens are not able to pull. Besides, their operation is entirely dependent on the remote control.
  • Fixed screens: It is a perfect screen type if you have a dedicated cinema room. They are also known as home theatre screens, and you can not pull them up or down. So, purchasing such a screen would be a bad idea if you have to use the projector in different locations.
  • Floor screens: They are pretty easy to assemble as they are super portable and lightweight. Also, they come in manual and automatic versions, but only the manual ones are rollable.

After learning about your screen, it will get easier to understand how you can roll up and save yourself from embarrassment. For starters, eliminate the screens that you can roll up or down using a remote control because there is nothing to learn about them except what button to press.

Now, let’s dive into the few steps you can use to roll up the projector screen.

How to Roll Up Projector Screen

  • If your screen is hanging through a wall, find the handle that must be available somewhere at the bottom of the projector screen. However, if the screen has to stand support, the handle must be at the top.
  • Now, pull down the handle until the screen gets stuck. Do vice versa with the screen at the stand.
  • Stop pulling the screen and allow it to roll up itself. It will happen automatically after you pull it down at its total capacity. In contrast, the screen will roll down when it is on the stand.

That’s it. When the screen rolls up, you can remove it and put it in a safe place. It is the best idea when you do not plan to use it for a significant period. Besides, the screen dost not take much space and wouldn’t disturb your routine storage.

Bottom Line

Projectors are modern TVs. You can stream anything on the big screen with excellent display quality, and it can also hide from the scene when not in use, unlike the TV. Technologies and such digital devices are pretty fun to use when you know how to do it.

I hope this piece on how to roll up projector screens can help you learn about the easily hidden fact.

However, please let us know what other tactics you use to roll up your projector screen.


How do you roll a stuck projector screen?

Take control of the projector screen through a handle and try to push it upward until the screen roll up by itself. It can be a little help, and you might need to push hard. Using both hands could be helpful.

How do you transport a projector screen?

When you roll up the projector screen, you can put on the tape and wrap it with the cardboard for extra protection. That way, you can move it around safely or put it anywhere safe after wrapping the end of the frame with protective tape.

How do I change my projector screen from upside down?

Projector screen settings may sometimes test your patience, but the issue is easy to resolve and needs your one-time attention. Follow the following steps to change it from upside down.

  • Press the menu button from your remote control. You can use physical buttons at the top of the projector.
  • Select the fourth option of the extended menu and go to the projection setting.
  • Now, you want to select a projection mode and change it to the front, press enter and go back to the main screen.
  • The projector is ready to run.

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