How to Connect Laptop to Projector with HDMI

how to connect laptop to projector with hdmi cable

As an alternative to big TVs, modern projectors are a great source of entertainment you can opt for without wasting any extra money. The projector allows you to stream your favorite content on the massive screen with the best possible audio and video quality.

However, to watch the content on the projector, it must provide a stable connection to pair up different devices. Some offer wireless connections like Bluetooth support, whereas others have HDMI or USB port to connect your laptop and get its display on the bigger screen.

Connecting a laptop to a projector with HDMI is not complex, but the newcomers can face difficulty setting up the first time. Whenever we come across a new device, we naturally get hesitant and try to be careful around it. Connecting a projector and laptop with HDMI is almost similar to connecting it with your TV.

However, I will discuss how to connect the laptop to the projector with HDMI without meeting any hassle.


Connecting both devices with HDMI is the most convenient and quick way, as it requires your time and a suitable cable. Also, you will easily find an HDMI port in almost all digital devices, including laptops and projectors.

Besides, HDMI cables are inexpensive and come in varieties. You can get the cable according to your length requirements and make the connection process easy. Another noticeable advantage of using an HDMI port is getting everything on display via a single cable.

While using an HDMI, you won’t need any additional wire for audio or video purposes, as a single cable port will take care of everything. It is more like a plug-and-play situation, so soon you connect the cable to both devices, it will start working.

Furthermore, USB ports can also work as an alternative to an HDMI cable. However, limited projectors offer a USB connection. But if you are fortunate enough to get it, the process of connecting both devices via a USB port is also similar. However, I will quickly mention how to connect laptop to projector with a USB later on.

Anyhow, coming back to our point and get into the quick yet straightforward process of connecting laptop to projector with HDMI. Stick To these easy steps, and you will be ready for a movie night.

Turn on the Projector and Laptop

First of all, turn on both devices and place the laptop at the right place where you can make the wired connection between them effortlessly.

While doing that, find an HDMI port on your laptop and then on the projector for double-checking.

Get an HDMI cable

Grab an HDMI cable latest version or at least HDR-compatible from the nearest store. It will be readily available and inexpensive. Besides, be careful while choosing the length of your HDMI cable.

Measure the distance beforehand as it should be long enough to reach from the projector to the laptop. Try getting an extra long one for staying safe.

Connect an HDMI Cable

Wait, before connecting the HDMI cable to the projector and laptop, first make sure to plug in your laptop. As sharing content over a cable requires lots of power, and when the laptop is about to lose the battery, you may face trouble in performance. So, it would be best if you plug into power while using.

Now, the exciting part comes. Put both ends of an HDMI cable to projector and laptop, respectively. Ensure you are using the same port on your laptop as there is a possibility of many port options. Same with the projector, if you are lucky enough to get multiple ports, look for an HDMI one and put the cable into it.

Well, as soon you connect both devices, turn on the respective channel you want to watch and start streaming. If any mishap happens, it must be the wrong placement of an HDMI port. Remove the cable from the laptop and try with any other available port option until it works.

Tips and Tricks

Now I will be sharing some tips you can consider when there is troubleshooting.

As we know, the laptop is supported by different versions of windows, and every version has unique features to operate. Since there should be no issue connecting the laptop to a projector with HDMI, I still like to address how to connect the laptop to the projector with HDMI windows 10.

If you’re using Windows 10, right-click anywhere on the desktop and choose Graphic properties from the menu list, followed by another list where you should choose Display.

It has different options, but consider the resolution one and set it accordingly, then save the profile. Make sure you are connecting an HDMI cable to the projector while performing this action.

Moreover, do not discourage if your projector does not support an HDMI connection. You can always go for an alternative, and for that, you must learn how to connect a laptop to projector without HDMI.

The trick is obvious. When the projector does not offer an HDMI connection, it must support a USB port or a wireless source. Check the manual guide and find connectivity options for your projector. You can also search on google for a quick response.

Assume it comes with a Bluetooth connection, then turn on the pairing from both devices and start running the display.

However, how to connect the laptop to a projector with a USB could be a stressing point for new commerce. Well, no worries! The process should be similar to the HDMI one but needs extra attention as you might need an external soundbar for the audio.


How can I connect my laptop to a projector using HDMI?

Get the suitable HDMI cable, connect one end to the projector while another end to your laptop, and turn on both devices. It should work.

How do I get my computer to display on a projector?

You can use an HDMI port, USB connection, and Bluetooth pairing to get your computer display on a projector screen. It varies with the type of projector you are using and what kind of connection it offers.

How do you connect a laptop to a projector?

To connect the laptop to a projector, one can use an HDMI latest version cable or a USB Type-C port. It will connect both devices quickly and conveniently. You can refer to the detailed process I wrote for you.

How do I connect an HDMI cable to a projector?

It is easy. Find the location of ports on your projector and plug an HDMI cable into it. Be careful with the port because there would be multiple port options for different connections.

Why is my laptop not connecting to a projector?

You are not using the correct port for connectivity. Also, try power plug-in your laptop while operating as the low battery does not support sharing content in most laptops.


Who does not want to enjoy streaming movies on Saturday night on the big screen?

Well, it’s not a dream anymore. Now, you can connect your laptop to a projector using an HDMI cable and share the display content.

The process of connecting both devices is easy and quick, requiring your attention and the correct cable. There are also alternate ways of connecting devices that you can refer to the article. I hope it helps.

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