July 23, 2024

What Type of Paint to Use for Projector Screen

what type of paint to use for projector screen

Browsing on phones, tabs, or even on a laptop can make us bored. However, getting a projector can add life to our entertainment interests, giving cinematic vibes, and providing huge enough screen space to enjoy the latest TV series with friends and family from the comfort of your house.

Movie fans will also know how important it is to have a good projector screen for the best streaming experience. Unfortunately, a brand-new projector screen may cost an arm and a leg. Instead, we can do something fun and paint the screen wall to enhance its quality.

Now, if this is your first time doing this, you may get confused about the stuff you need. Most importantly, what type of paint should I use for the projector screen?

Well, no worries! we will discuss in detail what type of paint should you use in order to get the best results.

Types of Paint

Obviously, if you plan to paint the wall for a projector screen, it should not be glossy or slippery. Instead, it should have a matte finish to avoid reflecting light while playing content and to make your viewing experience enjoyable rather than disturbing.

Also, the right paint color has a big impact on your overall experience. There are a few things you need to think about before making your final choice.

 Those few factors are:

Projector Brightness

Before going ahead, learn about your projector and know everything about its specs.

Most importantly, see if your projector can produce enough light for brightness. If it does, you can go for black or Grey screen color as it does not reflect light than white. However, if your Projector struggles to produce bright light, then a white color screen should be your priority.

It all depends on your projector characteristics, but you need to be very careful because this decision will make a significant difference while streaming digital content. Remember, a white screen wall is the best option for entry-level projectors as it is capable of reflecting enough light for enhancing the image quality.

Ambient Lighting

Your room environment can be an essential factor for your projector screen wall paint. As I have mentioned, when there is brightness and lots of lightning which we can call ambient light, coming in from windows, the white color paint will suit the projector screen.

However, if the room is dark, you can go for dark colors that are probably less reflective than white.

Type of content you will be watching

Yes, what do you like to watch? It is also a vital factor to consider while choosing the type of paint for your projector screen. If you plan to watch 3D movies, play 3D games, then you should opt for a white color paint wall as you need enough reflection.

The 3D glasses can make the image quality poor and dull, requiring a higher contrast ratio. However, you can avoid getting into the impossible settings by choosing white screen paint for your wall.

Paint the Projector Screen Wall

I hope you have decided on the type of paint you will use for your projector screen; it’s time to move on and perform the action.

Painting the wall with your bare hands and then watching your favorite movies on that particular projector screen will be exciting. So, without further ado, let’s start the process.

The process contains a few steps, and if you are a beginner, I will get into the details of each of them. The steps include,

Wall Prepping

If your chosen wall color is different from your current wall color, you need to prep the wall with the help of a primer. Yes, it’s the same as a makeup primer girls use before the foundation.

Anyways, apply the primer all over the wall and make sure there should be no unevenness on it that could later cause a disturbance.

Measure Projector Screen Area

Now, determine the area your projector screen will be going to occupy and mark it. To get accurate results, I recommend turning off all the light, making sure there is no ambient light in the room, and then turning on the Projector. It will give you a better idea of its screen size.

Masking Tape

After marking the required area, it would be best to apply the masking tape at the edges. You can get this painter’s tape quickly from any hardware store.

The purpose of applying tape is to avoid any error and get the exact screen shape in that marked area.

Apply the Paint

After prepping the wall and marking the area, it is finally time to use that desired paint and apply it to the screen wall. Make sure the wall is clear and there is no sign of unevenness or lumps.

Hold the paint roller and start applying paint over the wall. Be careful and do it slowly so you won’t meet any uninvited incidents. It needs to be perfect.

Remove the Tape

When you are done applying paint all over all the walls, you can now remove the painter’s tape from the edges and set the border in that same position. The frame gives a projector screen wall a trendy yet stylish appearance.


What is the best type of color to paint a wall for a projector?

There is no such concept of the best color for projector screens. It all varies by the type of content you intend to watch, the amount of ambient light your room has, and how much brightness your Projector can produce.

Does projector screen paint work?

Yes, it does. Choosing the right type of color can do wonders and take your entertainment experience to the next level.

Does projector paint make a difference?

Yes, the correct type of paint will play a significant role in making the image quality better by dealing with the reflection of light issues.

Which cloth is best for the projector screen?

The white blackout cloth is the most preferred cloth for projector screens. It also has an impact on your content delivery, making your experience best as possible.

Will a projector work on a GREY wall?

Why not? If your room has enough ambient light, the grey and black walls will give you terrific image quality.


Having a projector in this era is a luxury, but using this luxury in the right way should be a big concern. Projector screens can bring lots of entertainment to your home and allow you to have fun outside your phone or tabs life.

Getting the correct type of paint for projector screen walls was complex, as it requires attention to little details. This article covers all the critical aspects you need to consider while setting up your projector screen wall.

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