ViewSonic M1 Mini projector Review

The ViewSonic M1 is a projector that fits in your palm. It is the most portable projector anyone could dream of having. It can make a large, high-quality image even when the room is dark.

Besides, M1 is the new yet most fantastic addition to the ViewSonic product range. So, it will be like a sweet dream come true for all entertainment lovers with this versatile yet affordable palm-size projector.

ViewSonic M1 Mini Projector

Product Overview

Connectivity Wired
Resolution850 x 480
Engine DLP

Design and Features

  • The projector is super compact, easily fits in your pocket.
  • The lens at the front allows you to adjust the focus manually from the wheel present at the side.
  • The projector comes with an innovative stand.
  • The automatic vertical keystone correction is impressive because not everyone can adjust the projector in the correct position.
  • You will find connectivity ports on either side of the projector. Two USB ports and HDMI ports are available.
  • A micro USB port is a great addition that would open doors for many connections, including flash drives.
  • The projector makes navigation and controlling easy with tiny remote control.
  • The DLP engine is fast yet reliable.
  • The light source of the projector has a pretty impressive lifetime of 30,000 hours.
  • The navigation is user-friendly; you do not have to waste time understanding.
  • The projector sends stunning vibes with interchangeable colorful plates.
  • The 2W speaker could turn the projector into a speaker with fair enough voice quality.

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  • The projector’s battery lasts for around 2.5 hours.
  • The 2W JBL speaker performs quite well, and delivers powerful audio quality.
  • Connectivities are reliable, projecting almost the original content with little or no fluctuations in brightness.
  • It allows streaming multiple online platforms via a USB dongle connection.
  • The 854 by 480 resolution delivers quite a well image quality with sharp details, especially when you project it against a white screen paint.
  • The projector delivers stunning colors as it integrates SupeColor+ technology.
  • The projector’s throw distance is about eight to ten feet, which promises to provide the best quality image.
  • If you do not try to increase the image size, you will not find troubling image brightness. This M1 portable projector performs well at a minimum screen size.
  • Since the projector output features 50 lumens, try not to project against a dark surface. The performance of the projector will be excellent against bright surfaces.
  • The built-in Media player can handle files of different formats, making it easy to project images and videos from any relative source.

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Bottom Line

ViewSonic M1 is a valuable portable projector with lots of flexibility. It is ready to travel with you on all your business/work trips with its modern design and versatile features, boosting your confidence while delivering presentations.

Watching content against a white paint screen can make a significant difference because the colors will be rich, and the image would be super bright.

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